Signs of drug abuse

Sometimes, drug abuse often begins with experimentation, especially in social settings. People who start abusing drugs want to have a feel of what to expect.

It is important to mention that not all drugs have the same level of dependence. However, when you abuse these drugs, you will most likely experience some of these signs.

Here are some signs of drug abuse

  • Loss interest

When an individual is abusing drugs, you will notice a general decline in interest as regards activities they used to be interested in. The reason is that their focus is more on their drug abuse. They will continue to fuel their energy towards using drugs.

  • Private behavior

Another sign that an individual abuses drugs is when they put up a secret or private behavior. Such people would not want others to know that they are abusing drugs. Therefore, they would not want people to get into their private space because they would find out their secret.

Hence, they will lock doors, or spend extra time in their rooms. Additionally, they would not give details about their public engagements so that they won’t be monitored.

  • Physical appearance

When someone abuses drugs, it can become glaring if you observe their physical appearance. Some of these signs are Bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, sudden weight loss or gain, absence of personal grooming, loss of appetite, etc

  • Mood swings

Another way to know when someone is abusing drugs is when they cannot manage their emotions. One moment they are all over the place and the next moment, they are feeling depressed.

If you notice that an extrovert is usually moody and the introvert is now hyper, drug abuse might be at play.

  • Change in sleep routines

One of the profound effects of drug abuse is changing sleep patterns. You will notice that the individual might find it difficult to sleep at night, but they will prefer to sleep during the day. Also, they sleep for more hours than the usual time frame.

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